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Care for acute illnesses

Sickness can affect the young and old alike, but they can be especially dangerous for children. If you think your child is sick, call our office. Our office is on call 24 hours a day to give you the information you need.

• Experienced providers

• Wide-range of pediatric services for urgent care is available

Information on fevers / stomach flu

For children over 3 months of age, a fever-reducing medication may help, but high fevers should be treated by a doctor.


You child's vaccination against the flu is not effective against a stomach flu, as they are not the same type of virus. When your child has the stomach flu, the symptoms may only last a few days, but the effects can be longer.


Give our office a call, and tell us your child's symptoms. At-home treatment is often a basic fever reducer taken. We recommend a low-sugar electrolyte drink sipped several times an hour to stay hydrated.

Call our office today for compassionate medical care for your child.

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